Post #51 PROMPTS!!

Well, I have a totally new thing. Now I know that with my last projects I’ve gotten bored and ditched them. But this time, I don’t plan do ditch Darkness, that’s what I currently call it. So, because it’s a Friday here’s the prompts!

  1. As she walked towards the exit of her coffee shop, she glanced down at her cup. “You are beautiful” was written beside her name, she glanced back and their eyes met.
  2. “Be careful, child…Just because you’re winning does not mean you have won.”–Character?
  3. He found the journal on the train but what was in it, was not what he was expecting.
  4. Write the saddest Valentines story you could possibly think of.
  5. “New year, new me.” HE/SHE said raising the glass in the empty apartment. The door flew open on the twelfth chime.
  6. “If we get arrested, it’s all your fault.” Who says this?

Well, that’s all for this Friday! Talk to yo guys soon!!



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