Post #65 Prompts and “Beauty and the Beast”

Hey, guys! Sorry, this is a bit late. Okay extremely late. So because this is a week late, and I have no idea on why I am so late and slow. I have no excuses. Beauty and the Beast, it was amazing and I had no qualms for anything aginst it. It was perfect. And when I had heard about the people complaining about LeFou, I WAS HAPPY WITH WHAT THEY DID!! And I was proud of Disney for doing so.

Now, why am I a week late? To be honest, I was forgetting about it and not really caring that I hadn’t posted. That I hadn’t done anything really Important. I don’t really know. My week has been fine. Totally fine, yet I didn’t want to post. I have been watching anime and reading manga, and Netflix is working again on my computer. But I don’t really know. It’s not how I wanted things to go this week. I had totally planned this post on Saturday, but then whatever happened and Monday came and went and then I totally didn’t realise that I missed a post until it was Wednesday…

So! As the title says I promised prompts. So without any further ado, the prompts:

  1. Dragons are the size of pets, what type of dragon do you own?
  2. A character in your novel found a dragon egg. Why?
  3. Dragons don’t exist. Until you saw one sitting on your house.
  4. Instead of cars and planes, there are dragons and they are very expensive. You own one.
  5. People are out to kill dragons. Why?

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to post the prompts. Lol.

Talk to you guys later.



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