Post #43 Prompts

Hey, guys! Sorry, I forgot to Post on Wednesday. I slept in late…Oops. So the first three are Christmas and the last are normal.

  1. A little girl lost in the mall. Who then meets Santa and he helps her or does he?
  2. A  puppy lost in the streets someone finds him.
  3. What happens, really, in Santa’s workshop?
  4. It’s 2078 and displays of affection are outlawed. Drug dealers a.k.a. hug dealers, tenderly embrace people in alleyways and Shady criminals hold hands in the bad parts of town. What is your life?
  5. You are sentenced to death. Upon entering the execution room, instead of being executed, you are given a new passport and identity. You are informed the death sentence has been abolished, now instead is a threat to erase your memory if you are found on death row once more. Would you take it?
  6. While cleaning out your grandmother’s attic, you glance out the window to see the decrepit, abandoned house next door looking brand new, with people in it! You realise it’s a window to the past: it shows the view from 50 years ago. Would you climb through it?

That’s it for this one, see you guys in the New Year!

Goodbye my lovelies!





Hey, guys! I’m sorry I’ve missed these past few days. Christmas. Now, before I say anything else, I will not be posting on Monday, the 26th. Because if you are seeing this when I post it, it should be on Christmas instead. So here are a bunch of prompts for Christmas.

  1. Follow what the box sais to do.
    This website is AWESOME!! Tons of writing prompts using photos. Great for students to use for inspiration during workshop or for writing activities during class.:
  2. Everyone does Christmas their own way. So does he.
    Great inference picture for Christmas. What can students infer?:
  3. What ever happened to the owner?
    softly falling snow, crisp yet damp air, pink cheeks. Smiles lacing lips. Wish you were here.:
  4. Everyone needs a Christmas tree, but why is no one around?
    Across a path of freshly fallen snow within a circle of pine trees, waits a lit up tree waiting to be discovered for the first time. Uncover all the joyfulness the holiday season can bring with our Be at Peace scent from our limited edition Winter Collection. Feel Joy. Feel Glade.:
  5. There’s no Father Christmas, but there are Christmas fairies.
    Christmas Faeries~:
  6. Even snowman have a strange family member.
    Fun Winter Picture Writing Prompt (image only.):

Post#41 PROMPTS!!

Oh my gosh. I am so sorry. Here I was thinking that I had actually posted on Friday and I nearly forgot to post today because of work.

So without further ado, here are the prompts:

  1. What is the true back story of the Grinch?
  2. Taking your dog (or cat) on a walk and you see something on the roof. Is is Santa?
  3. Ornaments on your tree are slowly disappearing…why?
  4. Celebrated the holiday the same way, until something goes wrong.
  5. A young child came to you saying, “I found this one a branch in the Christmas tree”. What is it?

Well, that’s it! Sorry, this is so late. See you on Wednesday~!

Goodbye, my lovelies!!


Post #40 My Writer’s Block

Hey, guys! So another Wednesday! Today hasn’t been going well. But that doesn’t mean I forgot about you. So here is today’s post!

So lately I haven’t been writing. Like at all. I sort of stopped. This happens all the time with my writing. All of a sudden, my train of thought for that novel, just turns dead. The characters stop talking, and I have no idea why this happens.

It’s sort of my version of writer’s block. And that is why I have so many Manuscripts. So, this is why I have decided that, even with my writing course that I am taking in the new year, I plan to write three novels and only those. Even if I may only really want to publish one or two. But perhaps it’ll

But perhaps it’ll help me to stop the abandoning.

Well, that’s all for today! Sorry, this is late.

Goodbye, my lovelies!!


Post #38 Another Friday

Hey, guys! It’s another Friday and this week I couldn’t find any images so instead, I thought I’d make them up.

  1. Ugly Christmas Presents: One of your characters secretly knits. So, they make Christmas sweaters, every Christmas either for their loved one, partner or anythings. WRITE!
  2. Christmas Tree Arguing: Two characters have an argument over which Christmas Tree.
  3. Christmas Dinner Gone Wrong: I think the title says all.
  4. Christmas Alone: A character has to spend Christmas alone. What is the story?
  5. Slade. Sorry: You were busking on the street, singing and playing Christmas songs on your guitar, and I was the one who sung along to Slade. Sorry.

Well, that’s it for today guys! Have fun!

Goodbye, my lovelies!


Post# 37 Review of Fangirl.

Hey, guys! Thought I’d do something different today. When I was in high school, perusing my library when something caught my eye. That was Fangirl.

I read the back and instantly fell in love. Never before that, had I heard of Rainbow Rowel. So I read it.

Even though it was about a girl in college I still related to Cath. Now, if you don’t know about Fangirl, it’s about a girl named Cather, she goes to college and she writes fanfiction of Simon Snow. Which is a fantasy novel about a boy with a magical sword. No pun.

But the romance YA was a wonderful thing. If I went into more of the novel I’d probably spoil it.

That’s it for this Wednesday! I’ll see you Friday!

Goodbye, my lovelies!


PS. If you didn’t know Carry On, is a novel that is about Simon Snow. Is cannon and it’s own novel. Which I also loved!


IT’S HERE!! OMG!! You have no idea how happy I am to know that Christmas is almost here! (We still don’t have snow where I am)

Hey, guys! So here it is!

  1. He’s waiting, but for Santa? He won’t say.
    Smile Break Ideas for your Classroom:
  2. He decided to take a vacation, two weeks before Christmas…What?
  3. Perfect scene for a Christmas romance yeah?Emerald Lake Lodge! So beautiful and the lake and mountains are even better! Can't wait for snowy trips this holiday season!:
  4. Old man Frost, right?
    Who says Nature does not have a sense of humor?---Old Man #Winter
  5. Lost, cold and alone. Except for him.
    Ghost #got #agot #asoiaf:

That’s all for today guys! Have a good weekend and I will see you soon!

Goodbye, my lovelies!!