Post #64 LeFou is Gay?

Sorry, this is so late! But here it is. Lefou in this new Beauty and the Beast. And I have read that it was a horrid thing to do to a Classic Disney movie. But you know what?

I DON’T GIVE A CRAP!! You wanna know why? It’s not because of the whole, “Disney needs more gay characters”, no, it’s because since I could figure things out. I actually generally thought that LeFou had a man crush or gay crush on Gaston. So when I heard all the shit going around, I thought “whatever” that’s it. I wasn’t disgusted nor was I angry. I was sort of going, at least they now acknowledged it publicly.

Now, don’t hate me. I have felt that way. And guess what else! I have opening night tickets to Beauty and the Beast. And when that scene shows up, if and when it does, I will be happily singing along.

I’ll also be doing a review after. It’ll be combined with Friday’s prompts.

Talk to you later!!



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