Post # 15 Writing Update

Happy Wednesday guys, or well, it’s Wednesday.

So today is going to be an update. To tell you the truth. I started a new project.  I’ve had this idea in my head a while, and it’s slowly on its way out. My writing method is pretty lame and bad. I don’t really have one. I bounce around so much on the way I write that I don’t really have one. So I decided to try something different. I won’t exactly say what, but I am hoping it works.

I am really loving my new story. It’s a bit different. But I am currently at 917 words and I only started yesterday.

Well, that’s it for today. I shall see you guys on Friday with more prompts.




Happy Monday! (Not) How was your weekend??

Well, during last week, I binged The Flash, which I loved! And I am so excited that the new season three! I had had a total geek out.

The geeky heroes of, nearly, any fandom are my favourite. I am mostly a Marvel girl, but that’s how I’ve always been. (Wolverine is my fav X-man because he’s one of the only Canadians. LOL) But the geeks speak to me. Hense why I LOVE, Barry Allen. He’s so cute! GAH!! After I finished season two, (AND REALLY!! THAT CLIF HANGER!! I’ll only complain but not give spoils)  I went on the “Hunt”, per say, and found out that CTV, that’s the channel it’s on for me, starts the new season October 4, the day after my dad’s birthday. BUT YEAH!!

I am majorly excited. I had tried to watch it when it was on Netflix, but I have a habit when a show is ending, I don’t watch the last episode unless the show is completely over. Sorry, if I jump around in my thoughts as I write this. It’s too much like how I normally talk, and I talk too much.

Well, that’s all for now, I will see you on Wednesday. I may be sharing a childhood recipe of mine that I love to have when I am down. Or when I kill off a character that I love, or writers of my shows (Glares a Moffat) does mean cliff hangers.

Goodbye, by lovelies!


Post # 13 Prompt Friday

Hey, it’s here! It’s finally Friday! And it’s going to be another day of images! So here they are!

I know this is really an ad, but what if the sucker wasn’t sugar-free?)13-1-poison

9 Lives…This is his last…(He’s so cute!!)13-2-awe

Need I say more?13-3-fire

Her music gives her power.13-4-music

You hear a noise, it’s coming from a walnut…you open it and you find that.13-5-baby

Post # 12 What I Wish I was Taught

Hey, guys! It’s Wednesday and that means another post for you.Image result for english teacher memes

So here’s the thing. I know that when I was tough English in school, we didn’t really do much creative writing. Sucks, I know. Even in high school there was only one teacher that did a writing class, but you couldn’t take it until grade 11, and even then it was only for one semester and they really didn’t teach us much. And what they did teach me, really didn’t matter when it came to writing. None of it. When they tough essays, that was the last time I ever used one. And I wasn’t good at them, not because I didn’t try, but because I gave too much detail. Detail, that I loved to spout out. And so, any knowledge I learned came from the internet.

More specifically, Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest. Looking at pins of writing. So many contradicting each other. Then I started listening to Mur Lafferty and watching Jenna Moresi. And that showed me that, what I learned, wasn’t necessarily what I needed.
That dreaded first page didn’t make or break my novel. It was the content of the book. And really, I wished I knew that before I went on Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong I still get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. Just my nieve self I wished I could go back and say, “Just fucking write it!” Instead of worrying about what others thought of it before I was really ready to show any of it.

Now, when you read an article saying that the English teachers are right and you have to only give so much of this, and so much of that. They’re wrong. You only have to write what you want. Sure, you have to have some sort of way of going about it. But you choose that and what you want your story to be about. Not like how you had to write a certain story and it had to be this way. That’s over once you’re out of class. (Unless you are taking a class then you sort of have to for the grade.)

Well, that’s it for today, see you on Friday! I’ll possibly be doing what I did last week with the images that will be the prompts.

Goodbye, my lovelies!!


P.s. Sorry for the late post. Today I couldn’t really think of anything. 😛

Post #11 YouTube

Ah YouTube. One of the most distracting things on the internet. Yet one of the most helpful.

Hey Guys! How was your weekend? As you can probably tell, today’s topic is YOUTUBE! I can get so distracted on it. But it does hold my writing playlists. I have wasted so much time looking at documentaries. But that doesn’t really matter as much. I am one of those people that can’t really work in full quiet. So music or human chatter is how I write.

But once in a while. When I am completely blocked, I jam out to music. But with great power comes great distractions. There is also all of the DIY’s that happen. And tutorials of makeup and whatever. And I’ve had too much coffee.

Well, that’s all for now. I have to go and do some of that wonderful writing. See you Wednesday!

Goodbye my lovelies,



Post #10 Prompt Friday

Hey, so here is the thing. I am not going to give you the regular 10 prompts. I’m going to give you something different. I plan on giving you 5 pictures. And you have to come up with stories for them. I do not own them, I just thought it would be fun!

1.Who is this little guy?

2.What’s her story?"You are wise beyond your years, and sometimes the maturity that comes along with that can set you apart from the crowd." Having an old soul is a blessing, not a curse:

3.Who is this woman? Villain, or Hero?Aurora Cimiterium:

4.What’s going on. Is that a thing or is that a person?


5.Who is she? What type of book is she looking for?

are there any books on German history that don't have to do with the Second World War? #justwondering:

Well, that’s it. If you’d like to send me any of your stories, feel free. But that’s all for this week. Sorry again for my absence last week. So I’ll see week Monday.

Bye my lovelies!


Post # 09 Review of Mur Lafferty

Hey GUYS! I am so sorry guys. I thought this posted yesterday. I also forgot to check if it did post or not. So into the post.

Well, like I said on Monday, today I’m reviewing The Shambling Guides to New York City, by Mur Lafferty.

Gosh, I can’t even tell you how good this book was. The book, firstly, was in fact narriated by Mur herself. It began a bit slowly, but it sped up. I’m going to give you a link to the Goodreads summary. That way I don’t give any spoilers. But I found her premeus interesting, and her characters even more interesting. Using monsters, Coterie, and putting them into the everyday life of humans. Showing that mostly all Coterie aren’t what humans fear they are. And one human, Zoe, has to learn basically to cope with her new co-workers and try to deal with a new threat.

She has a second book out called, Ghost Train to New Orleans. Sadly she won’t be publishing any more books in the series through her publisher, but she wants to try to get some novellas self-published on Amazon.

If you want to find Mur, you can find her on twitter (@mightymur) and one her website ( and you can contact her through her email ( She may not answer you right away, but if you ask her for advise she’ll answer you on one of her FEEDBACK episodes.

Well that’s all for now, see you Friday with those new prompt ideas for you! Goodbye for now my lovelies!


Post # 08 Sorry I’ve Been Away

Sorry everyone. I know that I missed a whole week, but sadly, I got sick, and the Labor Day weekend was busy. And my poor puppy, got snipped. Well, cercumsised. So he was also a bit of a overly cuddly thing. So this week I’ll be a bit behind. But while I was sick, I tried to write, but only it didn’t work. This week I’ll try better. But I’ve also became busy. But I will be doing a review of a wonderful aduiobook I’ve been listening to. The book is called, The Shambling Guide to New York City, by Mur Lafferty. I’ve never met her, but she sounds funny and amazing. So Wednesday will  be a review.

Well, that’s all for now.

Goodbye, My Lovelies!


Post # 04 Prompt Friday

Hey! It’s Friday! And you know what that means! It means you guys get prompts! So here they are.

  1. You see a dog on the water. Walking on water. But he seems harmless. But then he turns—there’s blood on his muzzle. And his eyes are glowing, red. Write.
  2. (INSERT CHARACTER HERE) walks along a beach. Simply thinking how beautiful everything is. Until they see a skull. A skull of a giant monster. Any monster. How do they react. Write.
  3. You see a boy in the museum. He is standing in front of a female statue. You believe at first, that he is simply enjoying the statue and the beauty of it. But then he leans in and places a kiss on her cheek. What is his story? Is he immortal? Or does he time travel? Write.
  4. Describe each day of the week as if it were a person. Give each one a name, age, job, and address. Write. (
  5. A large alien armada arrive in Earth’s orbit. The aliens broadcast a message to the world, saying that they plan to relocate the entire human species to another planet. (

Well that is it for today. Have a great weekend and I will see you again Monday. Now you should be writing! OH! And my word count is 507! And I only started it on Wednesday! Happy writing! OMG! I am so sorry! I thought I gave you last week’s prompts! Well I guess you get 10 today. I’ll try to fix that for next week.

Goodbye, my lovelies!


Post # 07 Prompt FRIDAY!

Hey! It’s Friday! And you know what that means! It means you guys get prompts! So here they are.

  1. The owl was her guardian. Never once leaving her side. And he never did. Even when he was dying. She saw it…Only he wasn’t dying, he was turning to his true form. A young man. A man who loved her since her mother cursed him. Write.
  2. A girl and two boys. Running through the hall of a museum. “We have to get away right now!” on said. What are they running from? Write.
  3. You come upon an abandoned castle. Lost in the woods for centuries. It’s so amazing. You go through; looking around. It isn’t until you see a wolf. A wolf the size of a horse sleeping on the throne in the throne room. Write.
  4. Every night of your childhood, your parents set a trap outside your home. Nothing was ever caught, until the morning of you 18th (
  5. They were looking, but I didn’t care. I ran to him anyway. (

Have a good weekend and see you again Monday! Oh! Next week is going to be a bit different. I am going to find cool images and I want you to come up with a story to go along with it. Feel free to send me anything you use!

Goodbye, my lovelies!