Post #60 WOAH!

Hey, guys! Woah! I can’t believe that it’s already 60 posts! Well, I hope you had a great week and I won’t waste time, here’s the prompts you waited for!

  1. “Be a veterinarian for magical creatures, Mom said. It’d be fun, she said. Bullshit!” [Insert character] said, nursing their current wounds.
  2. Life is a game, what are you? A pawn or the player?
  3. “I never believed the creatures existed, but now? This one is staring right at me.”
  4. Dying is the easy part. Coming back? That’s the part that is a bitch to do. Also slightly more painful.
  5. You never knew what your husband’s job was. Not once in your entire marriage. That wasn’t until you were given divorce papers. Because you cheated on death himself…what now? “I cheated on death…”

Well, that’s it, ya’ll. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. And I’ll talk to you on Monday!


Ps. I think I’m going to start making FanFiction prompts. They’ll be like, PA and PB (Person A and Person B). Things like that.


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