Post #58 Friday

Hey, guys!! How was your weekend? Good I hope, and Valentine’s? Good. I did what I told you. Binged Teen Titans and ate ice cream. And walked the dog, but that was a given. So that’s really it for my life update; I’ll get on with the prompts:

  1. “They broke the wrong parts of me. They took my wings but they didn’t take my young.”
  2. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye, or you’re in a high-speed chase with three police cars on your ass; one of them being driven by your mum/dad…And it’s not even your fault. (Or is)
  3. What if your phobias (a.k.a. spiders, snakes…clowns.) are the cause of your death in a past life?
  4. Describe a wedding from three different POV. You can choose!
  5. “So, what now?” “I don’t know, I thought the jump would kill us.” “WHAT?!!”

Well, that’s it for this Friday! Hope you have a really good weekend. And I’ll talk to you on Monday!!



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