Post #43 Prompts

Hey, guys! Sorry, I forgot to Post on Wednesday. I slept in late…Oops. So the first three are Christmas and the last are normal.

  1. A little girl lost in the mall. Who then meets Santa and he helps her or does he?
  2. A  puppy lost in the streets someone finds him.
  3. What happens, really, in Santa’s workshop?
  4. It’s 2078 and displays of affection are outlawed. Drug dealers a.k.a. hug dealers, tenderly embrace people in alleyways and Shady criminals hold hands in the bad parts of town. What is your life?
  5. You are sentenced to death. Upon entering the execution room, instead of being executed, you are given a new passport and identity. You are informed the death sentence has been abolished, now instead is a threat to erase your memory if you are found on death row once more. Would you take it?
  6. While cleaning out your grandmother’s attic, you glance out the window to see the decrepit, abandoned house next door looking brand new, with people in it! You realise it’s a window to the past: it shows the view from 50 years ago. Would you climb through it?

That’s it for this one, see you guys in the New Year!

Goodbye my lovelies!




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