Hey, guys! I’m sorry I’ve missed these past few days. Christmas. Now, before I say anything else, I will not be posting on Monday, the 26th. Because if you are seeing this when I post it, it should be on Christmas instead. So here are a bunch of prompts for Christmas.

  1. Follow what the box sais to do.
    This website is AWESOME!! Tons of writing prompts using photos. Great for students to use for inspiration during workshop or for writing activities during class.:
  2. Everyone does Christmas their own way. So does he.
    Great inference picture for Christmas. What can students infer?:
  3. What ever happened to the owner?
    softly falling snow, crisp yet damp air, pink cheeks. Smiles lacing lips. Wish you were here.:
  4. Everyone needs a Christmas tree, but why is no one around?
    Across a path of freshly fallen snow within a circle of pine trees, waits a lit up tree waiting to be discovered for the first time. Uncover all the joyfulness the holiday season can bring with our Be at Peace scent from our limited edition Winter Collection. Feel Joy. Feel Glade.:
  5. There’s no Father Christmas, but there are Christmas fairies.
    Christmas Faeries~:
  6. Even snowman have a strange family member.
    Fun Winter Picture Writing Prompt (image only.):

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