Post #40 My Writer’s Block

Hey, guys! So another Wednesday! Today hasn’t been going well. But that doesn’t mean I forgot about you. So here is today’s post!

So lately I haven’t been writing. Like at all. I sort of stopped. This happens all the time with my writing. All of a sudden, my train of thought for that novel, just turns dead. The characters stop talking, and I have no idea why this happens.

It’s sort of my version of writer’s block. And that is why I have so many Manuscripts. So, this is why I have decided that, even with my writing course that I am taking in the new year, I plan to write three novels and only those. Even if I may only really want to publish one or two. But perhaps it’ll

But perhaps it’ll help me to stop the abandoning.

Well, that’s all for today! Sorry, this is late.

Goodbye, my lovelies!!



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