Post #38 Another Friday

Hey, guys! It’s another Friday and this week I couldn’t find any images so instead, I thought I’d make them up.

  1. Ugly Christmas Presents: One of your characters secretly knits. So, they make Christmas sweaters, every Christmas either for their loved one, partner or anythings. WRITE!
  2. Christmas Tree Arguing: Two characters have an argument over which Christmas Tree.
  3. Christmas Dinner Gone Wrong: I think the title says all.
  4. Christmas Alone: A character has to spend Christmas alone. What is the story?
  5. Slade. Sorry: You were busking on the street, singing and playing Christmas songs on your guitar, and I was the one who sung along to Slade. Sorry.

Well, that’s it for today guys! Have fun!

Goodbye, my lovelies!



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