Post# 37 Review of Fangirl.

Hey, guys! Thought I’d do something different today. When I was in high school, perusing my library when something caught my eye. That was Fangirl.

I read the back and instantly fell in love. Never before that, had I heard of Rainbow Rowel. So I read it.

Even though it was about a girl in college I still related to Cath. Now, if you don’t know about Fangirl, it’s about a girl named Cather, she goes to college and she writes fanfiction of Simon Snow. Which is a fantasy novel about a boy with a magical sword. No pun.

But the romance YA was a wonderful thing. If I went into more of the novel I’d probably spoil it.

That’s it for this Wednesday! I’ll see you Friday!

Goodbye, my lovelies!


PS. If you didn’t know Carry On, is a novel that is about Simon Snow. Is cannon and it’s own novel. Which I also loved!


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