Post # 33 Well, the problem has not been fixed.

So, here’s the thing guys. The mouse problem has not been solved. We’ve caught about two. Out of like a lot. So this week is very much like the last week. It’s been really lazy. In fact, yesterday I didn’t leave the house. I did make cookies, but that was about it.

So, are some prompts.

  1. Well? Do it.
    Photo Prompts                                                                                                                                                      More:
  2. Prank or very real monster?
    Writing Prompt: What happened to the little kid from next door? Create a story using setting and dialog to explain how he ended up in the mouth of a snowman. Sounds like a horror story.:
  3. You’ll love this one. Plus it’s very cute.
    The best writing prompt ever!  Click on the picture on the post, and it comes up perfect for printing!:
  4. What in the mother of pearl Happened?
    Write 3 paragraphs explaining what just happened.:
  5. How hot would it have to be?picture writing prompt: hyperbole:

Well, that’s it for this Wednesday!

Goodbye, my lovelies!



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