Post# 29 Week 2 Of Nano

Hey, guys. It’s a sad day when I am behind early in the process. I am currently sitting at 5,900 words. If you are following along with Nano, I am about 6,000 words shortish. So I really should be writing lol. So I am just going to give you guys prompts again and then write.

  1. He had a great secret. Taking inanimate objects and make them come alive!
    Fright Night @ the Kennywood Carousel. They played the carousel music backwards :D:
  2. Something was wrong. Very wrong. If the stars were clustering together…
    A streak of light raced across the night sky and settled into the ocean, leaving behind trails of....fairy dust.:
  3. Crazy they said, she could lift items at will, but she was crazy.
    Telekinesis: the ability to control objects with the mind. Extremely powerful psychokinetics (proper name of users of telekinesis) might be able to control individual atoms.:
  4. She popped her head out and there it was, time. Time had stopped.
    Possible cover idea; water reflecting a clock as the sun. Work with the girl somewhere, maybe not...:
  5. The dragon was her best friend. He’d protected her for years. So as she got older, she’d read to him.
    "There are no days in life so memorable as those which vibrated to some stroke of the imagination." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson:

SO, that it’s for today, see you on Wednesday if I remember. Good luck with Nano if you are doing it.

Goodbye, my lovelies!



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