Post# 28 Four Days In

Hey, guys! Sorry, I didn’t post on Wednesday. I forgot. And I was trying to catch up with the Nano word count. I’m currently at 5002ish. Now before I forget here is the prompts I promised.

  1. It was good luck to keep a storm cloud in a jar, just make sure not to open it.The young scientist with a deep and timeless soul ventured out into nature to see what gifts she would bring today.   Venturing outside, the young scientist carried nothing but an old and worn Mason jar tucked neatly under their bed that lay next to the mahogany nightstand.:
  2. He’s the last one standing.
    Nerd Out On 20 Awesome Dragon Pictures Check more at
  3. Baby Nessie. What would you (or your character) do with a baby Loch Ness Monster?
    Writing Prompt: Post the opening lines of a story based solely on this image. (
  4. He was bigger, bigger than the cliffs with trees on them. He was a gentle spirit. Until…(What?)Resultado de imagen de ciervos gigantes de fantasia:
  5. The only way to stop the winter was to kill whatever was in that snow castle.
    fantasyartwatch: “ Winter Castle by Silentfield ”:
  6. It was all they knew. White walls, white walkways. All to keep them “Safe”.
    Cannot help thinking about hallways inside training facility when I look at this picture:
  7. She was the new queen. A queen against her will. She was more of a Prisoner.
    Character Inspiration #nanowrimo:

I gave you guys two extra because it’s NaNoWriMo. So good luck with you with whatever you are doing, whether you are doing nano or not.

Goodbye, my lovelies!



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