Post # 24 Stories of Nano Past.

Hey, Guys! How was your weekend? Mine was meh.

So,when I first started Nano, I was in grade 12 (? I, believe?). And with my first nano; came the first Nano novel. It was called The Coral Crown. It was about a girl who was a professor and her techie friend who go looking for this crown in Atlantis. And she ends up arrested by the merfolk. It was kinda like an Indiana Jones with magic and technology. But it’s also about a bit of Little Mermaid reversed. It’s a bit strange and  it was definitely something that I would want to be published. Anyways!

But at the time, I was so proud of that, and I had gotten so far in the story before I lost half of my story!! I am not kidding! I was so sad that I dropped out of Nano. I even wrote down what my word count was; 32000ish (I hadn’t updated my word count on the Nano site), but as I said, it’s not fair. So I learned my lesson with the saving…I had watched people say, “SAVE YOUR WORK!” and I completely ignored it…until it was too late…Because I did save my work. But what happened was I had combined it and deleted the wrong one…Now I know what you are thinking…Just go back into your bin…I had also emptied it…that same time I deleted and combined the files…I definitely learned my lesson.

So! Now onto last year. Last year was about a girl that lost her family and had to live with her cousin, who she hasn’t met. And how he’s secretly a spy and she meets a ghost who she can only see, and she falls for the wrong guys and she gets magical powers because of that wrong guy and she gets into a coma, and it’s another weird one. And with that one, I got to 25000. That was my highest novel with not losing my words.

As I have said, I won’t be telling you about this years, only because I want to actually finish it. But I will be telling you about it, if I win, in December. And I don’t think I will be posting on the 5th of December…It’s my birthday and that will be a day off. So that’s it for today!

Goodbye, my lovelies!!


Ps. Wednesday will be an update on my outline/ summary words.


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