Post #21 Prompts and NaNoWriMo

Sorry guys. I missed Friday again. So here are some prompts for today from Friday. I had planned it out for Friday, but it turned out that I got really busy with putting flooring down in my mum’s room. So not much writing got done sadly.

  1. They’re in the cells, what is their relationship, why are they there…((Open RP)) I am in a dark room  you look at me from your cell next to mine- I'm in a state of confusion and fear- "where are we" I ask you:
  2.  Same book. They switch books. One has cryptic messages that the other has to figure out while trying to get it back to the original owner. (You can decide how it goes)They accidentally switch books and one is filled with cryptic notes that the other struggles to figure out as he tries to find the owner.:
  3.  Her favourite spot. Or, is she going to jump? Or simply daydreaming.There is a wide ledge outside the office window and that's where I go to hide.
  4.  He was so young, but the visions he had seen were too much for even the oldest and bravest to have seen. (What visions? War and sorrow, or the future?)He was so young, but the visions he had seen were too much for even the oldest and bravest to have seen.:
  5.  Don’t think I have to say much with this one.Daily Writing Prompt - Write about this diary - Writers Write Creative Blog:
  6. (Bonus!) They have been best friends since they were both kits. The guy’s spirit animal manifested when he was young. And it was the first time in history to be a real animal. They can understand each other.  THIS IS A PRETTY COOL, NEAT, AND INTERESTING PICTURE I HAVE TO SAY! I LIKE IT!!  ; )):

The last one’s my favourite! So, the title says nanowrimo. I’ve never won nano and I don’t know if I will be doing nano, but I’ll have an answer for you guys on Wednesday.

Goodbye, my lovelies!!



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