Post #20 Dealing with Distractions

Hey, guys! So, distractions.

Normally I’d write at my favourite Starbucks downtown. Or at a coffee shop. I am one of those writers that can’t write with total white noise or silence. It doesn’t work. So I go to the Starbucks and listen to music with my coffee.

Now, this week, I since I am alone for a few days. I can’t do that. So my new distraction is the dog…He’s cute and all, but still in the puppy mode. So I found that the only way for him to calm down.

Is for him to sleep on my lap at the desk. Curled into a blanket.

I also, like most, get distracted by the internet. But then I remember that I have writing to do.

That’s all for today. I’ll see you guys on Friday with prompts.

Goodbye my lovelies!




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