Post # 18 Prompt Friday

Hey, guys, it’s prompt day! And here they are:

  1. What is here story?(OPEN RP, don't ask just jump in) I look at the city from up here, I wonder if I jump what will people say? No I won't jump, I won't leave my mom alone, but I'm just wondering. I sigh as I see a lot of couples walking down the street, yes they are happy. I just want to know that someone, besides my mom, cares about me. I sigh and I look down to stare at my feet, but I see a boy about my age waving at me. (I need someone to be him):
  2. They make you write with your soul. But only as a punishment."They'll make you write your soul out." what about this being how they tortured someone:
  3. They’re not dead. They are training, but for what?another pinner-----It was a test of strength. They were not allowed to die. the Gods gathered up all the boasters, the people who thought they were better.:
  4. Lost wolf? Or Lupine?Communication with animals:
  5. Was the wolf really evil? Or was Red in the right?picture prompt: write this version of little red riding hood.:

That’s it. And here are your prompts for the day. Hope you find them interesting. I find these are better in my book. I find images tell stories, many of the stories are untold.

See you guys Monday. Goodbye, my lovelies!



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