Happy Monday! (Not) How was your weekend??

Well, during last week, I binged The Flash, which I loved! And I am so excited that the new season three! I had had a total geek out.

The geeky heroes of, nearly, any fandom are my favourite. I am mostly a Marvel girl, but that’s how I’ve always been. (Wolverine is my fav X-man because he’s one of the only Canadians. LOL) But the geeks speak to me. Hense why I LOVE, Barry Allen. He’s so cute! GAH!! After I finished season two, (AND REALLY!! THAT CLIF HANGER!! I’ll only complain but not give spoils)  I went on the “Hunt”, per say, and found out that CTV, that’s the channel it’s on for me, starts the new season October 4, the day after my dad’s birthday. BUT YEAH!!

I am majorly excited. I had tried to watch it when it was on Netflix, but I have a habit when a show is ending, I don’t watch the last episode unless the show is completely over. Sorry, if I jump around in my thoughts as I write this. It’s too much like how I normally talk, and I talk too much.

Well, that’s all for now, I will see you on Wednesday. I may be sharing a childhood recipe of mine that I love to have when I am down. Or when I kill off a character that I love, or writers of my shows (Glares a Moffat) does mean cliff hangers.

Goodbye, by lovelies!



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