Post # 12 What I Wish I was Taught

Hey, guys! It’s Wednesday and that means another post for you.Image result for english teacher memes

So here’s the thing. I know that when I was tough English in school, we didn’t really do much creative writing. Sucks, I know. Even in high school there was only one teacher that did a writing class, but you couldn’t take it until grade 11, and even then it was only for one semester and they really didn’t teach us much. And what they did teach me, really didn’t matter when it came to writing. None of it. When they tough essays, that was the last time I ever used one. And I wasn’t good at them, not because I didn’t try, but because I gave too much detail. Detail, that I loved to spout out. And so, any knowledge I learned came from the internet.

More specifically, Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest. Looking at pins of writing. So many contradicting each other. Then I started listening to Mur Lafferty and watching Jenna Moresi. And that showed me that, what I learned, wasn’t necessarily what I needed.
That dreaded first page didn’t make or break my novel. It was the content of the book. And really, I wished I knew that before I went on Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong I still get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. Just my nieve self I wished I could go back and say, “Just fucking write it!” Instead of worrying about what others thought of it before I was really ready to show any of it.

Now, when you read an article saying that the English teachers are right and you have to only give so much of this, and so much of that. They’re wrong. You only have to write what you want. Sure, you have to have some sort of way of going about it. But you choose that and what you want your story to be about. Not like how you had to write a certain story and it had to be this way. That’s over once you’re out of class. (Unless you are taking a class then you sort of have to for the grade.)

Well, that’s it for today, see you on Friday! I’ll possibly be doing what I did last week with the images that will be the prompts.

Goodbye, my lovelies!!


P.s. Sorry for the late post. Today I couldn’t really think of anything. 😛


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