Post #10 Prompt Friday

Hey, so here is the thing. I am not going to give you the regular 10 prompts. I’m going to give you something different. I plan on giving you 5 pictures. And you have to come up with stories for them. I do not own them, I just thought it would be fun!

1.Who is this little guy?

2.What’s her story?"You are wise beyond your years, and sometimes the maturity that comes along with that can set you apart from the crowd." Having an old soul is a blessing, not a curse:

3.Who is this woman? Villain, or Hero?Aurora Cimiterium:

4.What’s going on. Is that a thing or is that a person?


5.Who is she? What type of book is she looking for?

are there any books on German history that don't have to do with the Second World War? #justwondering:

Well, that’s it. If you’d like to send me any of your stories, feel free. But that’s all for this week. Sorry again for my absence last week. So I’ll see week Monday.

Bye my lovelies!



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