Post # 07 Prompt FRIDAY!

Hey! It’s Friday! And you know what that means! It means you guys get prompts! So here they are.

  1. The owl was her guardian. Never once leaving her side. And he never did. Even when he was dying. She saw it…Only he wasn’t dying, he was turning to his true form. A young man. A man who loved her since her mother cursed him. Write.
  2. A girl and two boys. Running through the hall of a museum. “We have to get away right now!” on said. What are they running from? Write.
  3. You come upon an abandoned castle. Lost in the woods for centuries. It’s so amazing. You go through; looking around. It isn’t until you see a wolf. A wolf the size of a horse sleeping on the throne in the throne room. Write.
  4. Every night of your childhood, your parents set a trap outside your home. Nothing was ever caught, until the morning of you 18th (
  5. They were looking, but I didn’t care. I ran to him anyway. (

Have a good weekend and see you again Monday! Oh! Next week is going to be a bit different. I am going to find cool images and I want you to come up with a story to go along with it. Feel free to send me anything you use!

Goodbye, my lovelies!


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