Post # 06 First Kiss

Hey Guys!! So today’s post is about the first kiss. More importantly, your character’s first 2_your-first-kisskiss. I have read too many crappy ones. If you write a crappy first kiss, the readers aren’t going to read the rest of it. The point of the first kiss, whether it’s a part of horror, or romance, or whatever. The point is that they have to be the romantic.

If you don’t feel it. IT WILL NOT WORK! I have read so many things both fanfictions, and regular stories that didn’t have the romance and the passion for the first kiss.

Now, I know that when you are reading fanfiction, you are there for either smut or fluff. I get that. But you have to have the passion and romance. That’s all there is.

It annoys the hell out of me when people do this. I don’t care what gender your characters are, as long as they have great chemistry that is really, really, great. So I now apologise for ranting.  And now I am signing off.

Goodbye, my lovelies!



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