Post # 05 Music I Write To

Hello! Happy Monday! So Music. That is what this post is about. Before I get into the post today, I want to know what type of music you listening to when you write.

So, this may sound funny, but I love to listen to Disney soundtracks and any soundtracks of movies I love. I have been listening to it for years. I even got picked on for it. Depending on what I am writing, it really helps. But sadly when I am writing I have to have NO LYRICS! If there are lyrics I get screwed up. And I end up jamming to the tunes. But I am currently listening to the soundtrack of Leap Year.

Well, that’s it for the today! Remember to tell me what you listen to and I will see you Wednesday. But I will try to get one out. But I have and exam. So see you soon!

Goodbye Lovelies,



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