Post # 01 Prompt Friday

Hey, everyone! Well, I’m starting off with prompts. Oh, lovely prompts. This is how I am going to do it. I am going to give you five prompts. Two I have found and Three I have created. Now I know that the ones that I found are not mine. I am not claiming I do. I will give you the link to them. So here they are. (I mostly find them on Pinterest.Com)

  1. Write about an assassin who gets hired to kill a man who doesn’t exist. (
  2. She looked down at her blood stained hands and a small giggle rose up in her throat “Who could’ve guessed?” She laughed no, “Killing is so much fun!” (
  3. A guy falls in love…with a robot. He doesn’t know she’s a robot. Write his story.
  4. Write about a male wolf. (Shifter, your choice) He has glasses. He’s also talking to someone he just met and he says, “Yes, it’s very funny that a wolf has glasses.” Write
  5. You and (INSERT PERSON HERE) are walking along a beach, you find something you weren’t expecting. A wand. An old world wand. That starts glowing when (INSERT PERSON HERE) touches it. Write

Well, there you go. Five prompts for the first Friday. I’ll be posting Mondays, Wednesdays, and lastly Fridays. So have a good weekend and I will see you Monday. You should be writing!

Goodbye, for now my sweets!



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